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CLEARANCE MoBoleez BF Hat - Forever Cool

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MoBoleez is now Mobobaby

Oh hey there! Just a heads up, this hat was produced under our previous brand, MoBoleez, so it doesn't have the same fabric composition or sun hat functionality that our new Mobobaby Hats have. It is an amazing cover that was made by a fantastic company in India, crafted from a cotton spandex blend.  

So, you’re breastfeeding, but you want a quick, simple way to nab some privacy and avoid unwanted exposure and attention. Girl, we’ve been there. If you’re anything like us, you’re not quite comfortable nursing completely uncovered, but you’ve had enough of ‘wearing’ a traditional, big and bulky nursing cover. 

You Want a Product That Works Better

You’re sick of dropping nursing blankets, done with adjusting wires, hoops, and straps, and are over getting tangled up in what often can be an uncomfortable, unattractive, and poorly made product. And, you’re just plain tired of having to ‘put something on’ to get some privacy, making the act of getting from ‘fuss to feed’ an entire cardio workout. 

We Created a Solution For Optimal Nursing Privacy, 

Well ladies, meet your new ‘breast’ friend, the product that saved our nursing sanity. The MoBoleez Breastfeeding Hat. Easy-to-use, lightweight, practical, and comfortable, it is the most innovative nursing cover on the market today.

  • ✓ EASY TO USE: Just pop on the hat, and voila! Dinner is served. 

  • ✓ COMFORTABLE, PRACTICAL, LIGHTWEIGHT, AND DISCREET: Stay cool, move freely, maintain eye contact, and draw less attention from those passing lookyloos.

  • ✓ MAKES A GREAT GIFT: It's the “gift trifecta” - something she needs, something she’ll use, and something you can afford! 

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 7 reviews
        So cute! & such a great idea!

        I wish I thought of this! it’s so cute and it works so well <3 definitely recommend!!

        Yaaaaaay! So glad you love it Rachel! Thanks for the great review!
        Cute & functional

        I just love the hat for my baby! Perfect for any outting; beach, park, restaurants, etc!!!

        Yay! Thanks so much, Catherine! We are SO happy that you're happy. Nurse on, mama. Nurse on. XO

        Such a great product, easy to carry around and keeps Mum & Baby covered whilst maintaining eye contact and bonding. Thank you x

        Useful, cute and safe!

        FINALLY something that is useful, CUTE and safe! MoBoleez hats keep YOUR view of your nursing baby/child clear while keeping you "camouflaged" from wandering eyes. If you are more comfy covering while nursing in public... this hat is what you are looking for!!!! If you are an incognito breastfeeding Mummie, you find yourself using anything you can get your hands on: blanket, tent, winow covers, umbreslla, another erson, your hands, a stroller, at toy.

        Which ever way you are comfy with is all that matters. BUT looking cute while breastfeeding.... HECK YEAH!

        The MoBoleez hat is so soft. The top part of the hat is made out of the softest cotton, that I found myself putting it to my cheek just to feel it. It is also light weight, so no worries about being too hot and getting all sorts of "sweaty head!" The brim is firm, but not hard, and will keep its shape when you are using it. BUT you can also "roll" it up when not in use (better for the baby bag! Saves some space!)

        I LOVE these hats! They do a great job at covering (if that is what you want) but does not cover up what you are doing. No need for a blanket or to hide out. Pop this hat on your nummie lover's head and you are golden!

        Mummie only puts her seal of approval on special items. MoBoleez Hats gets a Mummie Approved stamp! The words and opinions above are mine and mine alone. MoBoleez sent me a hat at no cost to me in order to review and give my honest feedback.

        A big hit with the other mums!

        That is the neatest hat. I've never seen one before, but I know it will be a big hit with the other mums. It's perfect for taking out to all the groups we go to!


        Mobobaby Hats Come in Two Sizes:

        The vast majority of moms are very happy with Mobobaby’s sizing (check out our reviews!) but, like all clothing, there will be children on either end of the size percentile (very large or very small for their age) that will not fit into our specified size range.

        Consider Your Baby's Percentile

        Please take note of whether Baby is on either end of the size percentile and choose your size accordingly. If you're on the fence, send us an email and we can help you choose the best size and design for you!

        If All Else Fails, We Have a Great Return Policy

        As mentioned, please choose your size carefully. But if your Mobobaby hat doesn't fit your baby, we still want you to be happy! You can exchange it for a different size, or return for a full refund plus a little something extra to make you smile. Please see our return policy here!
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