About us

Mobobaby Products Co., Inc. (formerly known as MoBoleez) is a subsidiary of Steiner & Ruks Enterprises Co., Inc., with its head office located in the beautiful Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada.

The company's brands include Mobobaby and True North Slings, and is owned by a mommy-daddy-daughter-cat team, and is primarily operated in the presence of wild children, stretchy pants, and quad shot oat milk lattes.

Our mission

To provide parents who have young children with practical, sustainable, and eco-friendly products that make everyday living and parenting easier.

With real world experience living the parenting struggle, we deliver quality, life-enriching products that are developed and sourced by parents to help better the days of our parenthood nation.

Our vision

We aim to design, improve and provide everyday parenting products that are safe, high quality and practical.

We are committed to creating a demonstrated difference in parents’ lives by making the days smoother and less stressful so they can focus more on the things that matter and experience the true joys of parenting.