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Our Fabrics + Enviro Footprint

Best nursing cover. Easy to use, light, breathable fabrics. 

Some housekeeping, first. We were previously known as MoBoleez. Before 2021, the product was made under our previous company name, MoBoleez, and was crafted from a blend of cotton, spandex, and bamboo. While the product was amazing, we uncovered some dirty truth about bamboo farming and processing, so we decided to ditch it and look for truly eco-friendly and sustainable options.

MoBoleez is now Mobobaby

As of 2021*, our Mobobaby Breastfeeding Hat will be crafted with soft, stretchy, sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics such as hemp, lyocell and organic cotton. Our new products are highly durable, breathable, offer a natural sun protection factor*, and absorb moisture. We want the safest, best quality product to look and feel great on your baby’s precious head.

Getting local, and bringing textile manufacturing back to North America

We recently have moved our manufacturing from overseas back to North America. Some items are produced in the USA, some are from Canada. We are over the moon thrilled to be creating jobs nearby, and to be contributing to our local economy. We are continually moving towards bringing our entire supply chain to be close to home to reduce freight emissions, and overall we just darn-well want to get back to a more domestic life. 

Innovating with New Ecofriendly Fabrics

We're over the old, and are stoked on the new! With so much information being shared about the environmental side-effects of full cycle supply chains and manufacturing, we had to make a change. We want to minimize our impact on the earth and feel confident about operating a company with a reduced environmental footprint.

As of 2021 under the Mobobaby brand, whenever possible, our new fabrics will be organic or pesticide free, produced in closed loop facilities, dyed with earth friendly inks, and will include the following fabrics:

  1. Hemp
  2. Lyocell (a wood pulp derived from trees such as eucalyptus)
  3. Cotton
Hemp and lyocell are eco-fabrics that are gaining popularity as an environmentally kinder alternative to conventional fibre production, as the plants grown for these textiles' processing do not require as many resources, and are more sustainable than many other types of fabrics. And as for cotton? As hemp textiles innovate and progress, they will get softer, but for the meantime, it's good 'ol cotton that softens the hemp up enough to make Baby say 'ahhh' when they feel it on their skin.