Fabric and Care

Our Fabrics are Safe, Durable, Sustainable... and Awesome

As of 2020*, our Mobobaby Breastfeeding Hat is crafted with soft, stretchy, sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics. Our products are highly durable, breathable, offer a natural sun protection factor*, and absorb moisture. We want the safest, best quality product to look and feel great on your baby’s precious head.

Our fabrics include hemp, bamboo and cotton, are organic or pesticide free whenever possible, and are dyed with earth friendly inks. Hemp and bamboo are eco-fabrics that are gaining popularity as an environmentally kinder alternative to conventional fibre production. They do not require herbicides and pesticides, and are more sustainable than fabrics such as polyester and nylon. 

Washing and Fabric Care

Mobobaby hats are easy to care for. Simply machine wash in a gentle cycle with like-coloured fabrics, lay flat to dry and reshape as needed. Do not bleach or dry clean.

*certain categories only, items manufactured before 2020 or under the MoBoleez label may differ in origin and fabric composition


Mobobaby Hats Come in Two Sizes:

The vast majority of moms are very happy with Mobobaby’s sizing but, like all clothing, there will be children on either end of the size percentile (very large or very small for their age) that will not fit into our specified size range.

Consider Your Baby's Percentile

Please take note of whether Baby is on either end of the size percentile and choose your size accordingly. If you're on the fence, send us an email and we can help you choose the best size and design for you!

If All Else Fails, We Have a Great Return Policy

As mentioned, please choose your size carefully. But if your Mobobaby hat doesn't fit your baby, we still want you to be happy! You can exchange it for a different size, or return for a full refund plus a little something extra to make you smile. Please see our return policy here!