Our fabrics and environmental impact

Easy to use, light breathable fabrics

Crafted with soft, stretchy, sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics such as hemp, lyocell and organic cotton.

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Manufacturing based in North America

Some items are produced in the USA, some are from Canada.

It is extremely important for us to create jobs nearby, and to contribute to our local economy.

We are continually moving towards bringing our entire supply chain to be close to home to reduce freight emissions, and overall we just darn-well want to get back to a more domestic life. 

Eco-friendly textile innovation

Our fabrics include organic cotton, hemp, and lyocell (a wood pulp derived from sustainably farmed trees including eucalyptus) and it is our goal to continue to work with manufacturers who use closed loop facilities, and earth friendly dyes.

Organic cotton



More about our fabrics

Hemp and lyocell are eco-fabrics that are gaining popularity as an environmentally kinder alternative to conventional fibre production.

Plants grown for the processing of these textiles do not require as many resources, and are more sustainable than many other types of fabrics.

And as for cotton? We use organic and added it so it softens the hemp up enough to make Baby say 'ahhh' when they feel it on their skin.