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How It Works

Stays on snugly, Wide Brim provides ideal chest privacy for mom while feeding

The Mobobaby Breastfeeding Hat provides an easier way for mom and baby to nurse in public while nabbing a little coverage. With its adorable style and flexible brim loved by babies and mamas across the globe, you get versatile privacy without having to ‘wear’ a traditional cover.

Fast and Easy, Stay Cool and Discreet While Breastfeeding

Folds up small to be highly packable; moms just pop the simple, comfy hat on Baby's head, bring the baby to the breast and voila! Dinner is served. Score! Mom for the win! Less time getting from ‘fuss to feed’, all while Baby and Mama stay cool, move freely, maintain eye contact, and draw far less attention from those passing lookyloos.


Place the Mobobaby Breastfeeding Hat on baby's head, ensuring the label is facing forward. 


Initiate access to the breast and establish your breastfeeding latch. 


Feed on, mama. Feed on. Once you've gone 'hat' you'll never go back to bulky, awkward, nursing covers. Adjust the brim as needed for a little more coverage, lift it easily to make eye contact with baby and readjust your latch.