Made In North America. We Care About Safety, Quality, And Sustainability

As of 2021, we will be producing our product  in small batches with our favourite Makers in both Canada and the US of A to manufacture the highest quality product that adheres to rigorous USA CPSC safety standards*.

Please note that under our previous company name, MoBoleez (you'll find some of these items in our shop), these products were manufactured in both Canada and India. 

Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly 

As of 2021, the new Mobobaby Breastfeeding Hats are crafted with soft, stretchy, sustainable and eco-friendy fabrics that are organic or pesticide free* whenever possible, and dyed with earth friendly inks*. Our products are highly durable, breathable, offer a natural sun protection factor*, and absorb moisture. We want the safest, best quality product to look and feel great on your baby’s precious head. See more about our fabrics, here

*certain categories only, items manufactured before 2021 or under the MoBoleez label may differ in origin and fabric composition

Happy moms across the globe.