free usa shipping over $45. free canada shipping over $95.


Canada ships from BC, Canada. 

USA and overseas orders are shipped From Massachusetts, USA

After you make your purchase, our magic hat-packing elves whip up your selection and ship it out from our warehouse in beautiful Fall River, Massachusetts. If you're in Canada, we are sending things from Lake Country, British Columbia, Canada, in the great white north. 

Free USA Shipping over $45.

Free Canada shipping over $95. 

You have a few options for shipping.

Over $45
  1. Free USPS 6-12 business days
  2. 2-4 Business Day Superfast FedEx Shipping for $9.99
Under $45
  1. USPS 6-12 business days for $9.99
  2. 2-4 Business Day Superfast FedEx Shipping for $19.99
Over $95
  1. Free Canada Post 6-12 business days
Under $95
  1. Canada Post 6-12 business days for $9.99


Outside Canada and the USA? Because of varying rates for countries, once we start shipping overseas again, we will use FedEx instant rates which you'll see when you check out. 

Ordering From Outside the USA or Canada? Your Country May Charge You Import Fees

Please note that if you are located outside of the United States, your country may choose to impose an import fee on your items, and will hold the product at the border until the fee is paid. If so, your country’s border services agent will notify you of the associated fee upon entry, which can range anywhere from approximately 0-40% of the item’s value, depending on how grumpy your country is about imports. This is out of Mobobaby’s control, as each country has different rules, and is not included in the cost of your Mobobaby purchase.

If you're concerned, check into it by using a Duty Calculator such as Simply Duty* Follow the instructions carefully to estimate your potential duty before ordering to avoid disappointment. But hey, it’s cheaper than flying here to buy one, right?

*FYI: We are not affiliated with Simply Duty, we just find the site super helpful and useful, so use at your own risk.