How I Became a Mompreneur

How I Became a Mompreneur

I never would have anticipated that I’d be in the breastfeeding business because, well, I didn’t have much of a chance to nurse my daughter. This is my story.   

The Beginning

Let’s start from the beginning. Like many mothers, I had a hectic birth. 16 hours of labour and I had no real progress past 5cm (which led to an emergency C-section). The C-section didn’t go well, and some additional damage was done. So, my body was sliced and diced to shreds, I had a brand new baby, I was building a house, planning a wedding, and one of my closest family members was struggling with a life-altering illness. In sum, my stress levels were high, and my available support was low. Naturally, my body went into survival mode and as a result, I was unable to produce enough milk to feed my new little munchkin. My body was redirecting all of my energy just to survive.

My Relationship with Breastfeeding

I tried all the recommended herbs, nursed on-demand, called my midwives frantically at all hours of the day and night (sorry, Malachite, I love you girls). I slept as much as I could (ha!), I drank copious amounts of water, I called the LaLeche League for advice, and I trolled the internet during all hours of the day and night to search for solutions. Oh, and did I mention that I also visited lactation consultants every single week? Sometimes twice a week? Nursing both at home and in public was an absolute nightmare for me and even though I did everything I could to make breastfeeding work, it was a ‘no-go’.

I finally gave up after 6 weeks of blood, sweat and tears. My daughter wasn’t gaining much weight, I was frustrated, we were both crying at every single nursing session and – with the support of my doctor – we decided to switch to a combination of pumping and formula feeding. Only then did some measure of joy enter my motherhood journey. My mood lightened, my daughter was finally well-fed and life started to slowly improve. It was then that I knew my professional destiny. I needed to help parents make their parenting journey easier.

My 'Aha!' Moment

But, how was I going to do it? I decided that the logical place to start where most parenting difficulties begin; sleeping and breastfeeding. So, I flew to Florida and became a Certified Child Sleep Consultant and helped parents teach their children to sleep for about a year. Then, in November of 2016, I discovered that The MoBoleez Breastfeeding Hat business was for sale. I immediately was brought back to the times that I tried to nurse in public with a bulky nursing cover (hint, it didn’t go well). MoBoleez was a slam dunk. I knew I had to own it.

Side Note

Now, let’s make this clear. I am the first person to say that all women should feel comfortable whipping out their goods everywhere and anywhere to feed their munchkins. But, it’s not the reality for all women. Not everyone has the confidence. When I see a mom nursing with no cover, I want to run over and give her a solid ‘high five’… because I didn’t have the balls to do the same. 

MoBoleez is Mine! Best Nursing Cover Ever!

I snapped up the MoBoleez business in late 2016 because I see how it can make the nursing journey just a wee bit easier. I figure that babies would rather eat wearing a hat than have to eat under a bulky blanket with no airflow. The MoBoleez Breastfeeding Hat is an amazing option because it helps mothers go anywhere and nurse confidently by covering the breast but NOT the breastfeeding. Moms can cover their goods if they want to - all while normalizing the act of breastfeeding in a public place. It’s portable, airy, lightweight and incredibly easily to use and – because it’s not a bulky, blanket-like cover – it’s easy to adjust your latch and check on baby. That’s why we call it the Best. Nursing cover. Ever.

MoBoleez is Now Mobobaby

We rebranded the business in 2020, and are ready and raring to go. 

Now, Let's Share it with Breastfeeding Mommas Across the Globe!

I’m grateful to be at the helm of this amazing company and make this product available to nursing mothers across the globe. The Mobobaby Breastfeeding Hat can make a nursing mother’s journey a little easier and we're on a roll now, folks, so keep an eye on new things to come from Mobobaby in the near future!

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