Life Hacks for Slacker Moms

Life Hacks for Slacker Moms

Hacks. Honestly, they are the best thing since sliced gluten-free bread. Because mom-brains are so full of 'mental load' tasks and plans to just plain get through the day alive, we rarely have time to think of ways to do things better. 

Thankfully, the Scary Mommy crew has a plethora of mommies that have shared their info with us. This article was written by Panda Elder, who we have instantly fallen in love with. 

Here is Part 1 of our fave hacks list, because we know that you won't have time to read all 21 because someone will need a snack or poop their pants. 


1. Make your child’s “pajamas” work for the following day.

I put my toddler to sleep in sweatpants and a T-shirt, and guess what he wears to story time the next day? The only thing I change is a diaper. T-shirt style rompers also work well.

2. Keep shoes in the car.

Don’t bother asking your child 296 times to put on her shoes to go somewhere. Keep some in the car, carry her out, and put them on her once she’s restrained in her seat. When my preschooler is being too picky about his clothes, I do something similar — take him out half-naked and present the clothes in the car when he has no other option but to put the damn shirt on.

3. Get a family water bottle. 

I seriously cannot manage sippy cups. Cleaning them, filling them, knowing where they are — it’s all too much. I recently bought a huge Camelbak, and carry it for the whole fam to sip from.

4. Make good use of leftovers. 

Cook extra of whatever you’re cooking and then say to your family, “I hope you like these meatballs because we’re having them again tomorrow.”

5. Practice the art of 10-minute cleanups

Set the kitchen timer, and have everyone straighten up until it goes off. You get the benefit of a tidy home without hating your family in the process.  Yay, team work!

(Article and photo credit to Panda Elder, also known as Amanda Elder, and Scary Mommy This was written in pre-pandemic times, so let's all move past the shared water bottle comment.)


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