Need Better Deodorant?

Need Better Deodorant?

Stink is a normal part of parenthood.

Diaper stink, spilled milk stink, you name it. Where we like to draw the line is at mom-stink. A clean smelling mom is a happy mom! This is why we had beef with many toxic death drugstore deodorants, and even natural deodorants. They. Just. Didn't. Work. 

The Hunt for The Best Natural Deodorant

We went on the hunt for a natural deodorant. We tried coconut oil, we tried making our own deodorant at home, we tried Tom's of Maine, crystal deodorant, roll-on deodorant. All if it left us feeling stank at the end of the day. Don't even ask how we smelled in the morning after leaving it on throughout the night. 

We Found The Best Natural Deodorant

Then, we found it. The heavens opened, the angels sang... Finally. A deodorant that worked for us through the day and even through the night so we woke up smelling fresh the next day. It is one of the cleanest, most thoughtfully prepared deodorants that we've ever seen. The more we looked at the ingredients, the happier we became. We are so proud of Routine for caring about our health... and our stink!  

Meet Routine SUPERSTAR Deodorant

Made with uber legit ingredients such as coconut oil, kaolin clay, baking soda, and activated charcoal - this blend slaps stink in the face. Further enriched with shea butter, marigold, vitamin E and more, it is gentle and nourishing to your skin. To top it off, it smells delish being made with essences of vanilla, rose geranium, and clary sage. You may ask, 'Ummm it's grey. Will this stain my clothes?' Obviously, you want to be careful with this, put the deodorant on and rub it in well long before you put on your white clothes for the day. We put it on first thing after the shower and by the time you put on your clothes, it's absorbed and we've never experienced a stain.  

In sum

Look no further. You've found your deodorant mate for life. Check out their website to order and live stink-free, happily ever after. 

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