Life Hacks for Slacker Moms | Part 2

Life Hacks for Slacker Moms | Part 2

Hacks. We love them! Mom-brains are so full of 'mental load' tasks and plans to just plain get through the day alive, we rarely have time to think of ways to do things better. 

Thankfully, the Scary Mommy crew has a plethora of mommies that have shared their info with us. This article was written by Panda Elder, who we have instantly fallen in love with. 

Here is Part 2 with numbers 6-10 of our fave hacks list, because we know that you won't have time to read all 21 because someone will need a snack or poop their pants. Part 1 with number 1-5 is located here


6. Place bins strategically. 

It took me 28 years to realize the bulk of organization has to do with copious amounts of baskets and containers. Put one by the front door to catch shoes, and on the kitchen counter to collect the keys, mail, business cards, and other random items.

7. Get your partner a shit box.

My friend shared this genius idea with me. She hated seeing his stuff lying around, so she found a box and used it to create a special home for all the belongings he sprinkled around. Gone was the random golf tee under the coffee table and all the paperwork he left here and there. Whenever he wanted to find something, he knew just where to look.

8. Reuse clothes that aren’t dirty. 

You know those items that don’t deserve to be washed yet, but shouldn’t be mixed back in with the clean clothes either? Put a special hook for them in your closet and wear it again.

9. Create a daily priority list. 

Before I go to bed, I write down three (and only three) things that I want to accomplish the following day. Usually, it’s some type of house hold chore, an errand, and a personal goal. Today my list says to clean toilets, shop for health insurance, and write this post. Remember, don’t be an overachiever!

10. Put a fussy child in the bath.

Water has a way of calming and entertaining children. If your child is small enough, put him in the sink while you put dishes away or make lunches. If your sink is endlessly stacked or your child is older, bring a chair to the bathroom and turn the water on a light drizzle. Put your child in the tub with some measuring cups, and soon he will (hopefully) calm down, and then you might be able to accomplish something.

(Article credit to Panda Elder, also known as Amanda Elder, and Scary Mommy)


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